Why NinthState.US Exists? 


After the 2016 Presidential elections, 7 days after I had received my Bachelors Degree in Information Technologies from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), I began to think of a way our state and local governments could include more people in the decision making process. While I was also on the job hunt, I found that I really needed to have a project in order to adequately showcase my skills and abilities to employers. Having originally signed up for SNHU’s Political Science program prior to switching to Information Technologies, and having had a real passion for government and politics for many years, I felt like this would be a good project for me to pursue.

“72.5% of eligible New Hampshire voters voted in the 2016 general election, the third highest in the nation”

Considering the fact that New Hampshire is one of the most politically active states in the nation ( I have little doubt that we can be the most politically engaged and civically active state in the US, and I think NinthState.US can contribute to the growth of political and social activism in our state). The potential social value a state specific community network could provide is worth the attempt. At the very least I will have gained valuable skills and knowledge through the process.

“None of us is smarter than all of us”.

Combining my technology skills and my passion for government and politics, with my determination to provide some sort of value to our community, I decided to build a full fledged social network just for New Hampshire, focusing primarily on our state sport: Government and Politics. NinthState.US was build to be used as a platform for NH citizens to integrate with state and local government, enabling us to easily participate and contribute to state and local politics. We heavily utilize NH’s very politically active community members by offering our users many different types of content and many ways to share information. The many ways to contribute will hopefully promote civic engagement, encourage participation, and drive intellectual contributions from many or all of our citizens. We recognize the potential value that every member of our society has to contribute in terms of ideas, knowledge, information, wisdom or even just an opinion and can contribute to better public policy ideation and would more than likely lead to better decisions by our elected officials.

“Diversity and independence are important because the best collective decisions are the product of disagreement and contest, not consensus or compromise.”

We are currently limited in our ways to connect and share ideas and information directly with our local and state wide leadership or government committees in a way that is well organized and focused. Our platform looks to refocus our community to purposeful social and political activism, and community organization. NinthState.US aims to empower the state of New Hampshire, by offering it’s citizens an easy and effective way to be more influential and contribute to the common good of our state and local communities. Let’s make New Hampshire the most politically innovative and civically engaged state in the Nation!


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“Live Free or Die”

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